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Supporting Scotch College

Supporting Scotch College

Why We Need Philanthropy

Supporting Scotch College

Why We Need Philanthropy

Scotch is here to educate. We are here to transform. We are here to prepare the next generation to have the most positive, most enduring, most memorable impact on society.

That education fulfils the individual and benefits the nation and the world. It is a big vision, supported by great events and inspirational activity.

This ambition comes at a cost. Our annual income is around $25 million. Roughly 20% comes from government funding. The rest comes from fee income. Once we cover our running costs (of which salaries are the major part), and service our debts, we are left with enough to handsomely refurbish one set of classrooms, renew some of the furniture, deal with small, but high priority infrastructure demands of the College, and make progress with some very boring but essential fundamentals such as electrical and bore water systems.

Scotch was founded on the philanthropy and vision of ten Presbyterian leaders who bought Torrens Park House to establish the College a hundred years ago. Since then, each generation has developed and sustained the College with many generous gifts and donations to provide facilities, scholarships and programs. Nothing has changed.

So, if we are to radically change our infrastructure, and transform our campuses; if we are to build the next McBean Centre, Rosevear Boarding House or Webb Science Centre, to support our future needs, we need to raise funds – big funds – through philanthropy. In other words, we need your support.

The College’s philanthropic tradition will remain crucial for generations to come. I encourage you to be part of our journey and to commit hard earned funds to supporting the future of Scotch.

Dr John Newton


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John Newton

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