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09:00AM 31 July
Take Flight at Scotch
Take Flight Immersive Experience...
09:15AM 25 August
Week 6
Junior School Tour (T3W6 2020)
09:00AM 31 August
Week 7
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 17 September
Week 9
Early Learning Centre Tour (T3W9...
09:15AM 27 October
Week 3
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 29 October
Week 3
Junior School Tour (T4W3 2020)
06:00PM 30 October
Meet the Makers 2020
09:15AM 11 November
Week 5
Early Learning Centre Tour (T4W5...
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Welcome to Scotch

Welcome to Scotch

A holistic education and whole of life preparation

Welcome to Scotch

A holistic education and whole of life preparation

Scotch College is not a school.  It is a way of life. 

On becoming part of the Scotch College community, each child becomes one of over a thousand students who are the centre of our lives and for whom we have deep care and profound ambitions.

When parents join this outstanding College, they become engaged in an experience which results in the long-term happiness of their children and join a network of like-minded people for whom education is the wellspring of a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Grandparents are essential to us as an energetic and expert collection of supporters in so many aspects of school life. They are always welcome.

One day our present students will join with over seven thousand Old Collegians, for whom Scotch will always be a home, a base and the source of memories for a lifetime.

The 200 staff are committed to creating a culture of wellbeing and educational attainment which is zealously focused, creating a stimulating and relevant learning experience in preparation for the 21st Century.

Our Council and Senior Leadership Team oversee and guide this unique community.  Its members have a profound regard for the calling of the school and for the future happiness in every way of our students. 

I am privileged to lead an organisation in which innovation is a natural instinct, and wellbeing is in our DNA, not a token programme bolted on to the day to day. 

I am proud to lead a team of professionals who care profoundly about the success of all the people in our organisation. 

I am proud to be the Principal of Scotch College and to welcome you to our school, our website and our unique way of life.

John Newton

Our Vision

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Congratulations to Tom and Sol, who recently achieved second place in the Digital Technologies Hub Arcade Game co