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Post WWII Armed Services Honour Roll

Post WWII Armed Services Honour Roll

Post WWII Armed Services Honour Roll

As part of our centenary celebrations, Scotch has endeavoured to identify Scotchies who have served their country in the many conflicts and peacekeeping efforts around the world in the 75 years since the end of the Pacific War (WWII).

The listing below comprises those Scotchies who have nominated themselves or been nominated to fit the criteria for this honour board.

In time we aim to have a physical honour board alongside those for WWI and WWII, currently located in the Fisher Chapel.

Name Conflict(s) Alumni Year
Ronald Rex Calder Vietnam, Korea 1944
Bruce Ivan Lane Vietnam 1956
Patrick Wald Beale Vietnam, Borneo 1957
Ross Maxwell Lane Vietnam 1962
John Philip Millsteed Vietnam 1962
Ian Alexander McDougall Vietnam 1962
Ronald John Morris Vietnam 1963
John Blair England Vietnam 1963
Michael Arnold Fairey Vietnam 1964
Robert Alastair McDougall Vietnam 1965
James Evan Jones Vietnam 1965
Richard Keep Turnbull Vietnam 1965
William George Cornish Vietnam 1966
David Hamilton Bruce McLeod Iraq 1971
Nicholas Gregory Carter Iraq 1975
Andrew Roy Davis Afghanistan 1980
Robyn Lee Bishop (nee Gent) East Timor (1999) 1981
Lachlan James McKenna Second Gulf War, East Timor, Iraq 1993
Stewart Richard Whiteside Afghanistan 1999
Jonathon James Beatty Afghanistan 1999
Alexander P Richardson Afghanistan 2000
Nicholas Michael Wilson Solomon Islands, Border Protection 2001
Brad Duran Spiel Afghanistan 2002
Lachlan Douglas Strain Iraq 2002
Simon James William Le Poidevin Solomon Islands 2003
Thomas Geoffrey Matthews  Afghanistan 2006

This list has been compiled in good faith to the best of our ability. If you know of any name(s) that have not been included in this list, please contact the Development Office on 8274 4314.

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