The end of 2021 sees us on the cusp of an exciting year when we shall open the Wellbeing and Sports Centre.  As I have said many times previously, this building will serve all of the school.  It is not a Senior School building or one that will serve all our needs.  We look forward hugely to seeing the completion of this building throughout the year and a grand opening at the appropriate time.

The year has otherwise seen many outstanding events and I congratulate all the students supported by our outstanding parents and wonderful, dedicated staff who made those matters possible.

We will be in good shape for school numbers in the next academic year.  We have been restrained in our recruitment in the Junior School in order to sustain as far as possible the right gender balances.  Therefore, we have waiting lists in three or four areas in order to achieve that.  Otherwise, the Senior School will be a vibrant and appropriate size for us to put on a year of activities that will enhance the rich and variant nature of Scotch life.

In the new year the search for my successor will begin in earnest.  I wish to thank every parent who has written or spoken to me to express their feelings about my departure.  You have been most gracious.  I am overwhelmed by your good wishes and your support for this move.  Scotch is a very, very hard place to leave because it is a place of depth and quality.  I shall miss you all when it comes but let us all know focus on an exciting 2022 when we set the school up for the next stage with wonderful progress on behalf of its students.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year with your families.

Student Successes:
  • Sarah Bosboom (Year 11 McGregor) was awarded first prize in the senior category of the 2021 Tax, Super + You competition.
  • Aleisha Burrows (Year 8 Gordon) was nominated to represent in the South Australian Swimming Team.  She was also awarded Age Flippers Awards for being in the to 16 in Australia for her races at the National Championships.
  • Sophie Casey (Year 11 Cameron) has been selected in the Australian Netball Team.
  • Grace Crawley (Year 9 Cameron) broke the 5000m Australian Indoor Rowing Machine record for girls 13-14 years.
  • Hannah Gardiner (Year 10 Douglas) represented South Australia at the Basketball National Championships.
  • Jess Laycock (Year 7 McGregor) won first place in the secondary division at the Sport Aerobics National Competition.
  • Maddy Miotti (Year 10 Douglas) was selected in the main cast performance in “First Day”.
  • Lucy Voyvodic (Year 10 Cameron) has been selected in the Australian Netball Team.
Year 12 Results 2021:

Infogram showing the academic success of the 2021 year 12 students
When the Class of 2021 determined they would lead this year with courageous behaviours, respectful relationships and supportive culture, they set themselves up for success. 3 students achieved an ATAR over 99, 32 students over 95 (26% of the cohort) and a massive 48 students achieved an ATAR above 90 (the top 10% of the country).

We are enormously proud of each student and what they have achieved for themselves and for others, both individually and collectively!

A summary of the academic results for the Class of 2021 is available on the Teaching & Learning page.

Congratulations to our Year 12 students.

Save the Dates

Mitcham Campus and Torrens Park Campus parents are invited to attend our Welcome Back Morning Tea on both campuses on Wednesday 2 February 2022 (first day of classes) at 8:30am – 9:30am.  Mitcham Campus parents will gather near Kallawar Lawns and Torrens Park parents will gather near the Webb Science Courtyard.

Staffing Update
  • Michelle Reynolds (Mitcham Campus Administration) joint the Mitcham Campus Team.  Some of you might remember her from 2003-2007 when she was with us in administration, but for the last 11 years she worked at Pulteney Grammar as the Personal Assistant to the Head of Prep.

My best wishes are extended to all staff leaving the College.  I would like to make special mention of our long serving staff member, Suzanne Farrington who retires after 25 years of dedicated service, and we wish her well on her retirement.  Callum Iles leaves us to join Pedare Christian College as Head of Middle School, and Andrew Mittiga will commence a new role at Wilderness School.

Calendar of events:

Parents are reminded to please use the ScotchLife App for a list of up-to-date events.

Dr John Newton