It is the end of a rich and beautiful journey. As I write this message to you a number of emotions come my way.

The overwhelming emotion is one of gratitude. The wonderful things you have said, that you have written, and that you have given, have touched me deeply. I am unable at this moment to process the richness of your many words and gestures, but I shall take some time next year to reflect on all that you have given and said as I move on from this wonderful school.

The second emotion is one of determination. I remain determined even in these last hours to ensure that everything is in good order for your children. This great and noble cause which is education never stops. The dedication of my colleagues and the utter brilliance of my Council and Committee members are all geared towards ensuring we fulfil our educational commitment to you. Scotch is at the crossroads of a glorious period in its history, and I have utter faith that Trent Driver, overseen by the excellent Todd Roberts, will do honour to this extraordinary institution.

Thirdly, I feel great sadness. I am very sad to be leaving a place – school, city and country – of such quality. I have enjoyed every moment of serving you. I have been inspired by your words and by your actions as parents, and I have tried to be a good one myself.

Congratulations to all our Year 12 students who performed incredibly this year and achieved their personal best. I draw to your attention that 10 students achieved an ATAR over 99 and we had 53 Merits – amazing. When the Class of 2022 selected as their motto, Be the Lion, they were challenged, and challenged each other to be brave, lean into their vulnerabilities, have a lion heart and to be the leaders of this fabulous College with pride and determination.

Not all will pursue an academic pathway, but each has given of their best and we could not ask for more. A summary of the Class of 2022’s academic results can be found on the Teaching & Learning page of this website.

To the Class of 2022 and indeed all of our Scotch community, long may you thrive and continue to set the world an example of caring community and mutually enforced wellbeing. Thank you all. I shall never forget you.

Dr John H Newton