It has been good to return to a normal routine and rhythm in Term 2.  While there are still huge complications around ill health (Covid and flu especially) we have sought to provide all students with the experience they expect from us as a school and ensured that progress remains firm and determined.

I am most grateful to my colleagues for the way they have managed not just the last term, but the last long period of uncertainty and disruption.  The Professional Services team have supported the teaching staff impeccably and their often-hidden work is deeply appreciated by all of us who work here.

We have seen a little more of Trent Driver as our new Principal from 2023.  We have agreed a transition plan for him, and I can absolutely attest to his energy, excitement and dynamism as he enters the next stage of his life with the school.  He will be an excellent leader.

The term ahead promises to be a feast of the arts and sciences.  We look forward to the arrival of our new Head of Performing Arts, Bauke Synman.  This hails a new era in the wonderful evolution of this precious and highly successful part of our College.  The Senior School musical Bye Bye Birdie will be tonic for us all. I also flag that we shall be running a STEM conference in collaboration with the major universities in Adelaide in September.  This is an opportunity for some of our Senior Students to see the future and what part they might play in it.  Signature Learning Experiences will continue in the Junior School as well as all the curriculum initiatives that we have been putting in place for some years now.

All around we continue to innovate and push ourselves to provide the most relevant, the deepest, and the most impactful educational experience we can so all students feel ready for the world beyond Scotch.  Your children’s 50-year journey beyond this school is critical to us and it is for that that we bend our minds as we prepare the ground for Trent’s arrival next year.

Thank you once more to all parents who have participated in any way in school activities.  Your presence and support are invaluable, and we deeply appreciate all that you do.  I trust the mid-year break is restful for you too.  We all need a circuit breaker so that we can return more strongly for what will be an exciting Term 3.

Dr John Newton

Will You DARE With Us?

Our last community fundraising effort to support the Purruna Spencer Newton Centre will be a Giving Day on Thursday 11 August.

DARE Today, our inaugural Giving Day, will be an action-packed event that will bring together our community of parents, both past and present, students, staff, and Old Collegians.

I encourage your involvement in this celebration of giving.  All donations received over this 24-hour campaign will be doubled thanks to the generosity of our matching donors!

School Performance Report

Please also be aware that as a standard practice, we have attached our School Performance Data for 2021.  This has also been uploaded onto our College website.  This is an official report we are required to make to you, and I trust you enjoy reading of the incredible range of activities and achievements that make up life at Scotch.

Staffing Updates
  • Bauke Snyman commences in Term 3 as the Head of Performing Arts.  Bauke joins us from Presbyterian Ladies’ College Perth, where he has been the Director of Theatre Arts teaching international Baccalaureate Drama and Dance.  In addition, he has been a National Dramatic Arts Examiner (South Africa) and External Examiner for Rhodes University.
  • Brayden Croft (from Birdwood High) teaching Mathematics – replacing Emma McIntyre/Liana Hockenhull.
  • Margaret Snelling (from Nazareth College) teaching English – replacing Kate Cliff. Margaret will also be House mentor for Gordon.
  • Nick Scalzi will return in Term 3 – teaching Year 8 and 10 Science as well as Year 10 General Mathematics and resume as Year 8 Gordon House mentor.
  • We farewell Kate Cliff after more than 17 years of exceptional service as an English teacher.  Kate was also Head of Girls Boarding for a number of years.  We wish her well in her move.
  • Laila Ansaar (’17) has joined the Community and Marketing team as a Cadet.  She has a Bachelor of Business and Marketing.
  • Hannah Fry has joined the Enrolments Team and replaced Rebecca Osborne.  She has a Bachelor of Business and Marketing.
  • Coby Johnston commenced in the Mitcham Campus as an ESO, and we farewell Sarah Skubala.
  • Chelsea Griffiths has commenced as an Artist in Residence this term.
  • Gina Liew and Elva Chin have commenced in the ELC.
  • Emily Shiel and Zachary Goodwin join us on the Mitcham Campus, as does Anais Victor on the Torrens Park Campus as ESO Learning Strategies staff.
  • We farewell Gill Joschke who is retiring.  Gill has been replaced by Paige Murphy (BEd – Food Technology) who has worked at Wirreanda Secondary School.
  • Anna Frayne is a Clinical Psychologist and has been appointed as a Project Officer for our Pre-Adolescent Intervention Program (PAIP).
  • Danielle Hecker joins the ELC staff.  Danielle has just completed her Bachelor Early Childhood Education and comes to us from St Peters Childcare Centre and Preschool.
  • Monica Bello will commence as an assistant in the Canteen.
  • We also farewell Peter Harfield from our Grounds and Maintenance team.

As we have a change of semester then there will be changes to teachers from semester 2 for many classes, as students start their new elective choices.