Middle School


Middle School


A time of significant physical and social-emotional change, the Middle School provides an environment that fosters connectedness and challenges students to be courageous in their learning. 

Middle School represents a key transitional period for young people as they transition from dependent to independent, from immature to mature, and from asking “Who am I” to saying, “This is who I am”. At Scotch College Adelaide, we aim to educate students to be responsible risk takers who seek adventure over comfort and enhance not only their own life, but also the lives of others.

Please enjoy the publications below, which will help you get to know Scotch College and our Middle School.

You can also find up to date information about Scotch’s fees here, and the latest editions of Scotch Reports, our periodical school magazine here. Our Curriculum Guides can be found on the Teaching & Learning page of this website.

Welcome to Middle School

Middle School is the time to try everything. Students need to explore a range of learning opportunities in order to find their passion.

Scotch College Adelaide offers a broad academic program in the Middle School, with students engaging in a range of subjects in purposefully designed learning spaces. 

Not all learning can take place within four walls of a classroom. Scotch College Adelaide embraces opportunities for students to learn from experience, encouraging students to step outside of their comfort zone, develop resilience, and grow in confidence.

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Sports & Activities

From our earliest recorded Cricket match in 1921, to the wealth of seasonal sporting fixtures on offer, sport has always been an essential part of Scotch College life.

Scotch boasts a comprehensive sporting program contributing to the development of athletes of all abilities.

Each student is guided and supported to make their experience in sport rewarding and fulfilling.

Agriculture Studies & Future Farm Skills Centre

There is a growing perception in our community that in the next 100 years, food security will become one of humanity’s greatest aspirations. Scotch has embraced that challenge and is committed to enhancing our Ag. Sciences program into something that is relevant, contemporary and impactful.

Our Agriculture Studies program and the Future Farm Skills Centre (the centrepiece of our Agricultural Precinct) facilitates a focus on sustainability from Year 5 as part of the first stage of our innovative Live Well Program.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is an integral component of the Scotch College curriculum, offering students the opportunity to enjoy Australia’s unique outdoor life, while nurturing respect for the environment and enhancing key life skills.

Outdoor Education can be chosen as a subject at Year 11 and 12 level where the link between outdoor activities, health and environment is a key focus. Students also learn to develop and apply risk and safety management skills and responsibility for themselves and other members of a group.

The Rosevear Boarding Experience

Boarding has become a lifestyle choice and at Rosevear we are striving to be one of the world’s best boarding experiences through our outstanding program.

We offer a range of boarding options to cater for the needs of international, interstate, rural and local families.  The majority of our boarders are full-time but Scotch also offers weekly boarding and a special Rosevear Experience for short and longer term stays for day students.

Our experienced team works with students and parents to create a dynamic and progressive community. We value authentic, trusting and respectful relationships.

Enrichment & Extension Programs

Scotch has a number of enhancement, enrichment and extension programs in a range of areas, including Oratory, STEM and more.

The STEM enrichment program is student led and driven, with mentoring and partnerships from industry professionals such as community groups, businesses and universities. The Oratory Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop their oratory skills across a range of competitive events.

The content that students are exposed to in academic competitions is frequently much more complex and sophisticated than the lesson content covered in the classroom, which has inspired the Challenge & Enrichment Program.

This empowers students to explore and investigate areas of personal interest in depth, making links in their learning and developing new skills as a result.

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