Enrolment FAQ

Q: Does completing an application guarantee a place?

No. The College receives more applications at some year levels than we are able to accommodate. To ensure your child’s application is considered it is important that we receive it as early as possible.


Q: Is there a cut-off date for applications?

No. There is no specific cut-off date for applications. It is advisable however to register your application early as there are waitlists for some year levels. For Reception entry, it is strongly recommended that you make application for your child before their first birthday.


Q: What happens after I have forwarded an application?

On receipt of the application your child is entered into our database for the year of intended entry. You will receive a letter of acknowledgement. We will continue to send you information about the activities at the College. Offers are made in the March, two years preceding entry to the College and we will contact you by letter either offering a place or advising that your child is on the waiting list.


Q: It has been suggested that I should apply years in advance.

The date of application is one of the factors taken into account for acceptance. Early application also ensures that you will receive regular information from the College.


Q: Can I change my mind about the intended year of entry?

Yes. We can bring forward or defer your child’s intended date of entry. You only need to notify us. If your child has been accepted and you choose to defer the date of entry, the acceptance process will start afresh at that date. Previous acceptance does not necessarily guarantee a place in the College.


Q: Will my child be interviewed?
  • ELC and Junior School: The students, with their parents, are interviewed by the Director of Early Years or the Head of Junior School. Parents are also welcome to meet with the Principal.
  • Middle School and Senior School: The students, with their parents, are interviewed by the Principal and it is preferred that they also meet with the relevant Head of School prior to entry.
  • Boarders: All prospective boarders and their families will be requested to meet with the relevant Head of Boarding prior to commencement.


Q: Does my child undertake an entrance examination?

The current policy of the College is not to administer an entrance examination. Testing of students new to the College takes place prior to commencement. This testing provides information on the amount of extension or support required by individual students.


Q: Can I apply for entry mid-way through a year?

Yes, although entry in the same year of application is dependent on a number of factors:

  1. We cap class sizes therefore it is in part dependent on an available place.
  2. In the Senior School, it is dependent on the subjects your child wishes to pursue and on these subjects being available.

In the event that a place is not immediately available we can place your child on our waitlist and advise you when a place arises.


Q: What are the School Fees at Scotch College?

You can find all of the fee information here.


Q: Are there Scholarships available?

Yes. The Council of Governors has made a number of scholarships available. Details are available here or you may enquire directly to the College.


Q: Are there Bus Services at Scotch?

Yes. At Scotch we recognise getting children to school safely and on time is important and our bus service is designed to help. All of our buses are fitted with seat-belts and our drivers fully certified to drive. As well as being accessible via public transport, Scotch College operate daily return charter bus services. Details are available here.