Scotch Music provides students with a wealth of opportunities to play, sing, listen and create. Our Year 7-12 classroom curriculum builds upon active music making principles through a process of collaboration, composing, rehearsing, and regularly performing. Students develop and refine skills in aural perception, music reading and writing, composing using technologies as well as instrumental and vocal skills.

Students also can access private instrumental and lessons during school hours provided by experienced specialist teachers. We also offer a broad range of co-curricular opportunities through our Instrumental and Vocal Ensemble programs.

Instrumental Ensemble Program

The Ensemble Music Program at Scotch allows students to develop skills on an instrument of their choice through weekly private tuition and participation in the ensemble program. The Tuesday Ensemble program is specifically designed to allow every student an opportunity to play with a core ensemble and then audition for an extension ensemble. A team of experienced and skilled music tutors and directors work with each of these groups. Students enjoy the diverse range of musical styles and the opportunity to perform with each other in groups.

Core Ensembles:

  • Symphonic Band (advanced wind, brass and percussion students)
  • Concert Band (beginner and intermediate wind, brass and percussion students)
  • String Orchestra (open for all violin, viola, cello and double bass students)
  • Guitar Ensemble (caters for the acoustic guitar genre)
  • Rock Bands (caters for electric instruments and rock genre)
  • Scotch Orchestra (all string, wind, brass and percussion students perform together at signature events)

Extension Ensembles:

  • Stage Bands (includes wind, brass and percussion students interested in jazz through audition or invitation)
  • String Quintet (includes string players though audition or invitation)
  • Chamber & Scotch Orchestra (through invitation)
Vocal Ensemble Program

Scotch has built a proud tradition of being a strong choral school. Through gender based singing groups we use a range of repertoire and Kodaly principles to engage and extend student confidence with pitch, blend and vocal independence. All vocal ensembles participate in regular performances with our annual Cathedral Concerts being a College highlight.

Core Ensembles:

  • Scotch Nota MSG (Years 7-9 girls)
  • Scotch Nota MSB (Years 7-9 boys)
  • Scotch Nota SSG (Years 10-12 girls)
  • Scotch Nota SSB (Years 10-12 boys)

Extension Ensembles (auditions required or by invitation):

  • Leomhann Voices (Middle School) (Years 8 & 9)
  • Leomhann Voices (Small Ensemble) (Years 10-12)
  • Leomhann Voices (Large Ensemble) (Years 10-12)