Drama at Scotch College allows students to participate in the planning, rehearsal and performance of dramatic work in a range of mediums.

In years 7 to 12 students perform semesterly to a live audience and participate in creative problem-solving; they generate, analyse and evaluate ideas. We are privileged to have access to superb Industry Professionals from State, National and worldwide companies and aspects of film and theatre. Many of our old scholars are highly successful in several areas of the arts and generously give their expertise and time to the learning of current students.

Students are also given the opportunity to participate in workshops and both internal and external opportunities in their home state and international arts community. They develop personal interpretations of texts and can explore the philosophical, historical and artistic movements that inspire and navigate production and performance elements within film, television and theatre processes and outcomes. Students develop their curiosity and imagination, creativity, individuality, self-identity, self-esteem and confidence.

The focus capabilities for this subject are communication, citizenship, personal development and learning.